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Business Alchemy 

Personalized guidance for Introverted Soulprenures 

Available to practitioners who: (one or more may apply)

  • desire to deepen their therapeutic presence and skills

  • struggle with grounding and energetic boundaries

  • are committed to growing a sustainable Soulful practice

  • struggle with business management, anxiety, and/or burnout

Ready to take the next steps on your journey? Contact me to request a

complimentary 15-minute phone consultation and assessment. 

The next program will open for enrollment mid-September 2023.



  Sue's knowledge of business and how it works is exceptional.   When you have an idea but do not know how to proceed to take it from an idea to an actual business, Sue is at her best.  She quickly can figure out what is blocking you from being able to bring life to your idea.  Her down to earth advice and summation of what needs to be done is priceless.  The honesty of her assessment of what can be done if very much appreciated.  She offers suggestions that gives you alternatives and proposes cost savings you didn’t even think about.  Her technical skills are sharp and on point.  I just love her.  Her teaching has made putting my business together much more professional and appealing. 


~ Bonnie Zormeier

I found this class to be very timely and extremely helpful. One of my favorite parts was when we were reminded that we are not a cookie-cutter business, but unique in our offerings and that the regular business model wouldn't apply.

The support and check ins really helped me stay on track and held me accountable. Sue clearly knows what she is talking about and is a vast sea of knowledge. I feel I could ask her anything and she would know how to help me take my business where I want it to go.

~ Lisa Blood


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