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Professional Mentoring & Consulting for Bodywork Therapists  

Personalized guidance for you and your practice.

Available to practitioners who: (one or more may apply)

  • desire to deepen their therapeutic presence and skills

  • struggle with grounding and energetic boundaries

  • are committed to growing a sustainable Soulful practice

  • struggle with business management, anxiety, and/or burnout

Ready to take the next steps on your journeyContact me to request a

complimentary 15-minute phone consultation and assessment. 

The next program will open for enrollment mid-September 2023.


Classes are a great way to become a trauma-aware therapist. During classes, you will learn how to create a safe and supportive environment for your client. You will learn techniques on how to help your client work through their traumatic experiences in a safe and secure way. You will also learn how to recognize signs of distress, and how to respond in a helpful and positive way. Moreover, classes will help you to understand the complexities of trauma and its effect on the individual. Through classes, you can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become an effective trauma-aware therapist.




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