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Through this ceremony, we can connect to our inner feminine power and reconnect with our divine essence. This is a powerful way to heal from the past and to open up to a more empowered future.


The Rite of the Womb 

Most women unknowingly host energies within our womb space, even from past lives and from our maternal DNA lineage ancestry. Our cellular memory also links us to our Mother Ancestors; to their trauma, pain, and suffering, but also to their strength, courage, resourcefulness and wisdom. 

Similar to how your heart can have a wall of protective energy around it, your womb can have a wall of protective energy around her. The womb is a portal, and refreshing the energy in that space promotes staying grounded in love. Having your womb as an inner guide helps promote powerful purification & nurtures sovereignty and reminds you of the sacred medicine you hold within.


The Rite of the Womb Ceremony is a powerful healing ritual that helps us to reclaim our womb space and to release any energies that no longer serve us. We work with the womb so old patterns can be released and future generations are free to create a different story. The energy of the womb space  governs  emotions, creativity, sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, and self-expression.  Spiritually, connecting to your womb opens you to the qualities she embodies. These qualities are as unique as each womb holder, and opening to the feelings in your womb space invites them to be embodied throughout your whole being.

You will leave feeling
  • a deep connection to yourself and your lineage

  • purified, nurtured, and connected in your sacral chakra/womb center

  • the healing power of being witnessed in sisterhood

  • empowered, seen, and loved

Required Materials
  • Clothing that is comfortable and embodies your inner goddess (adornments, colors, jewelry, scarves, and headpieces are encouraged!)

  • Bring a journal/pen to record any revelations that arise

  • Be prepared to share if you like



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